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About - WPCareLab

Hello! I’m Zeb

A Microsoftie, founder of WPCareLab, and innovative problem solver with a desire to solve all your website needs.

It all started in 2018. I had a friend who is a blogger and struggled with the technicalities of managing her blog. She would always come to me when she faced difficulties, and in no time, I would fix it. She would later go on to be my first WPCareLab client. This got me thinking that there were probably other bloggers/business owners out there who struggle with similar issues.

I’ve worked at major US corporations in the last 10 years and currently work at Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer. There’s no technical problem that will stump me! I founded WPCareLab to relieve you of the headache involved in running an online business so you can focus on what matters the most – more time and more income to spend with the ones you love!

“You don’t go as far as your dream, you go as far as your team”

WPCareLab is in business to provide reliable website solutions in ways that benefit people and businesses. We’re a small, close-knit team of techies and creatives tailored to meet your current as well as your growing business demands. We are committed to solving all your website technical needs.

O.L. Fross

Product Manager

O.L. Fross has been passionate about driving innovation that helps people for years. Her greatest strength centers around understanding customer experiences and translating them into strategic product features. Her 7+ years of combined experience in product management, program manager, and software development and her natural inclination for entrepreneurship make her a well-rounded addition to the WPCareLab team.

Grace Oisamoje

UI/UX Designer

Grace Oisamoje is a UI/UX designer whose ultimate goal is to help people through clever design solutions with function at its core. Her expertise has been in the development of responsive websites, web apps and mobile apps with a variety of skills, knowledge, and experience in User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, and Persona Development.

Our Values

At WPCareLab we want to build a company that focuses on people – customers, team, and community. We came up with the following values that guide our decisions and actions:

  • We put people first
  • We act with integrity
  • We communicate openly, honestly and with respect
  • We strive to constantly deliver the best outcome through excellence
  • We understand that empathy makes us stronger
  • We work collaboratively towards a common goal